Automotive Tint



Why Tint Your Car Windows?

Everyone has different reasons for why they have their

windows tinted. Some do it for protection from the sun ,

some do it for privacy and others do it simply for the looks.

We have listed several reasons why it is a beneficial thing to do.

  • Darker shades of tint can offer privacy.

  • Reduces glare from the sun.

  • The adhesive in films can help keep the glass from shattering during an accident.

  • Certain films can offer heat rejection during those hot summer days.

  • All of our films offer  99.99% UV protection which will keep interiors from fading.

  • The UV protection also protects our customers from harmful rays that can cause skin cancer.


   We guarantee you will not find a more powerful window film with less low angle haze on the market. The latest in heat insulation technology utilizes a layer of non-conductive ceramic to slow down the transfer of heat into the vehicle’s interior, creating a more comfortable and cool ride. An additional coating of ceramic particle technology combined with nano carbon allows Panaflex to block up to 88% of the infrared radiation (IR) heat from the sun. Blocks over 99.9% of A and B ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun that can lead to skin cancers and skin damage. Nano particles of carbon, oxide material, and the absence of dye ensures a superior, color stable film that will never fade or change color; unlike dyed-ceramic hybrid films

  Available in a beautiful, natural Charcoal color that is sure to give any vehicle a bold look. Terraflex offers more value by absorbing more solar energy and eliminating fade and color change. We rely on carbon alone to give the product its beautiful colors and consistent shades without the need for dye or pigment. Constructed with zero dye Terraflex will never fade or change color due to generation 5 carbon technology. Blocks over 99.9% of A and B ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun that can lead to skin cancers and skin damage.


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